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✔ FREE Arkansas DMV Fines and Limits Permit Practice Test 2017 | AR

Arkansas DMV Permit Test Fact Sheet:

How many questions:25
How many correct answers to pass:20
Passing score:80%
The Arkansas driver’s handbook includes important information about obtaining and keeping an AR driver’s permit. Not only is this information practical knowledge for any potential driver, but it will appear on the state’s official permit exam! The Arkansas fines and regulations test follows the same format as the other five practice tests. It even includes a hint and explanation for each question. But this practice test focuses on information such as age limits, endorsement restrictions, traffic violations, repeat offenses, minimum and maximum sentences, and specific laws that regulate who can drive and when. The AR fines and regulations test is an essential study step to complete before heading to the DMV. Do your best!
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40 correct answers to pass (10 mistakes allowed)
Passing score required at the AR DMV: 80%
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